Dear Friend,

friendsHave I told you how much I treasure the gift that is you?
You, my true friend, came into my life, unexpectedly
And, from the moment we met, I knew there was something special about you.
Remember how much we laughed? So glad we still do!
I wish we would talk more often.

My friend, you are the sunshine that always lifts the fog and dissipates the clouds
You give me strength and courage when my steps are uncertain and shaky
You are my source of truth and wise counsel because you know my deepest fears, and have kept them secret.
And in those times when I was broken, you were there to gently put me back together.

You’ve taught me to be better, because I cannot BS with you.
In good times and in bad times, in all seriousness and in all silliness, you have made whatever was happening – much, much better.

Thank you, my true friend, for being ever present, ever kind, and ever loving. Even though many months may fill the space between our calls, I know we will pick up right where we left off.
Your friendship means the world to me and I hope to forever give to you
what you have given to me.

To you my friend, and to all who someone calls a true friend, I say
May God continue to bless you and, thank you.

Much Love,