The holidays are coming – time to kick my butt into gear

plankI must have been a bear in a previous life because as soon as the temperatures drop, I want to cacoon myself in my down comforter and sleep through the winter. And like my bear ancestors, I also want to eat everything in front of me. My body craves hearty warm foods like spicy chili, butternut squash or chicken soup. And honey. It doesn’t help that my running routine also takes a dip in the fall as I am horribly allergic to sweating in the cold.


Last year I managed to muster enough will power to get myself to run outside at least one day per week, as long as the temperatures were in the 40s. Fortunately, the season was mild enough to keep somewhat of a routine, but I still lost some of my endurance and gained a couple of pounds. The future weather tellers say that it’s going to be a rough winter so not wanting to slide back on my metabolism I signed up for bootcamp.


Bootcamp is kicking my butt. It has only been one week and the number of squats, push ups, burpies, and 2-minute holds of the plank are making muscles hurt that I didn’t even know I had. As my arms and shake uncontrollably and I take myself to a mental place that will allow me to hold the plank for the last 15 seconds, I wonder if running 3 miles wouldn’t be easier, even if it’s freezing outside. But, our trainer reassures me that all of this pain is going to help my body burn calories even when I’m sitting down.


My sore muscles are making me walk funny but I’m hoping that in a few weeks I will be a calorie-burning machine, even when I’m just snuggling deeper into my warm bed.


Much Love,